The Way to Take Care of Your Hand Scarves


The handwoven cotton shawl is made of a delicate and extremely fibrous substance. The fiber dissipates off easily Because of Its low resiliencyNonetheless, this can be avoided with these hints: avoid excessive exposure to sun, refrain from utilizing acidic substances, avoid use of warmth, stop infiltration of germs and restrict “wear and tear”

Because it’s loosely woven elastic tape, it’s the propensity to drop easily.

Avoid excess exposure to sun

Prolonged exposure to sun causes fibers to become feeble. Thus, when drying cotton shawl, then it isn’t advised to leave it under the sun for such a long time. When at all possible, never expose it right beneath the sun as the majority of the shawls arrive in ordinary depth, which readily dries up in the existence of end.

When doing laundry, then avoid using harsh chemicals particularly those comprising acid since these harm and weaken the fiber. When removing blot, as far as possible don’t use bleach in curing blot since this may fade the colour and discard fiber too.

Prevent application of heat

Cotton fiber, even when subjected to an elongated interval in an excessively large temperature in 150 Celsius and outside, will burn readily. This is a result of the decomposition of fibers, that’s the typical thermal response of cotton in response to presence of warmth. From time to time, prolonged heat exposure may result in shrinkage of substance.

Avoid infiltration of germs

Microorganisms are among the top causes of cotton. The infiltration of germs contributes into the corrosion of the fiber. Always maintain the shawl dry and dry to keep it germ-free. Don’t allow blot to settle the cloth since this promotes bacteria to collect. Use only mild, but using antibacterial soap when washing cotton shawl to efficiently kill and remove germs.

Since cotton contains a comparatively low elasticity, undue pressure exerted on the cotton shawl may result in shedding. So when washing cotton shawl, prevent too much wringing of this fabric. Only allow any excess water to trickle while hanging to prevent loosening of the fibers.

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