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I get many mails from customers wanting to understand the distinction between virgin hair and remy hair loss. Normally they email me since they’re buying hair firm’s site or internet page (with eBay or Amazon) and they discovered an unbelievable deal on packages of hair out of someplace and of course everybody’s hair is “100% natural virgin remy” right? But not all of hair sold online is exactly the same. In the following guide, I’m going to clarify what virgin hair really is and exactly what remy hair really is and provide you a few pointers on how to not get ripped off by falling for a ridiculously low cost.

Let us begin with virgin hair:

virgin bundles vip hair is mere that, virgin, it indicates that it’s not been touched by processing whatsoever (dye, bleach, curly, ironed… whatever). If baldness is virgin which means the individual who given (or marketed) their own hair into the expansion manufacturer never did some processing for their own hair at all and the business that chosen the hair and forced it into a weft did not process it whatsoever. BTW – Washing doesn’t count as processing, so please wash your hair frequently.

Bottom Line: If the hair you’re wanting to purchase has had ANY processing measures done for it, compound or non-chemical, then it isn’t virgin.

Now let us discuss Remy’s hair:

Remy’s hair is hair the expansion manufacturer has taken time and cost to be certain each one the roots and endings of their donor hairs which comprise the weft are moving in precisely the exact same direction. This permits the weft to stream and act like your all-natural hair does.

Bottom Line: When you purchase Remy hair on the line, inspect the item carefully and be certain each the endings and roots are laid out since I’ve just explained.

Also be cautious when a hair vendor informs you that their own hair is “single drawn”. Single attracted Remy hair wefts come out of one donor and control the maximum grade and cost. You won’t discover the actual deal in a bargain basement cost if the merchant has been fair. I am just being truthful with you. If you’re on a budget, then (actual) tier 5A can do you right. The one distinction is in the way in which the hair is attracted. 5A virgin remy will appear and feel as the higher ranges and it’ll last up to a year if you treat it. I had a customer a couple of years back that desired her sew-in redone every 2 weeks using 6A hair no matter what.

Let us talk weight:

You also need to look closely at the weight. A FULL package of hair ought to be 100 g (or 3.52 oz if you’re a non-metric system individual like me lol) and it requires three packages to perform the ordinary head (longer spans or a bigger head may need four packages). If a vendor states they’ll offer you three packages of hair for a remarkably low cost please read the fine print and be sure that you are receiving three 100 gram packs. Any less and you’ll wind up with half an weave once you are sitting on your beautician’s seat. I’ve sent many a customer of mine from my store with half a hairdo while they operate and attempt to find enough hair to finish their preferred appearance since they have scammed by a website that offered them 50-gram bundles.

How about span? :

There are retailers who can “short” how many extensions they market. They’ll offer you a 16-inch extension and this expansion might, in fact, be just 15 inches or perhaps briefer. Again be on the watch and do not fall for a very low cost without doing your assignments.

To wrap up this, there are lots of fair baldness retailers on the internet which can always tell you that the real deal on their products and there are a number of dishonest ones who can say anything to try to get your cash. In my experience, it is possible to tell a lot by taking a look at the purchase price. Review customer feedback evaluations and most importantly, create a relationship with a hair merchant which you trust or find a good recommendation. Shopping on cost alone rather than paying attention to the specifics can get you burnt when you’re purchasing hair extensions on the internet.

I am aware that through experience: Every single time I would find a girl using a “half-do” (as I call it) within our regional hair shop going via the minimal excellent hair that’s marketed there (and in many places like that around) to finish their hairdo since they have scammed by an internet hair vendor, it advised me I had to write this guide and get it out there for my own readers. I really don’t need this to happen for you.

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