How to Make A Budget With Moneydance

The Moneydance private finance software has a built-in feature which enables clients to readily make a budget and track your spending. In fifteen minutes you need to have the ability to set up your first budget.

Comment gérer son budget

Once you’ve installed the program in your computer you will want to discover that the”tools” button on the top tool bar. When you click on”tools” a drop down list of choices appears. Included in this list is the phrase”budget manager”. Or you can get into the funding manager by clicking Control+Shift+B.

If this is your first time to make a budget then you’ll want to click on the”new” button.

After clicking “new” a page will automatically appear. Here is the page where you enter your budget info and the numbers you wish to pay each class.

Beside the box”budget name” just enter a title for your Budget. The name should be one you’re easily able to comprehend if opening your budget later on.

Enter a start date and a finish date.

In the bottom left of this screen you’ll see a”+” along with a”-“. When you click the”+” you’ll have the ability to enter a line item on your budget. Therefore, by way of example, in the event that you wished to spend $100 per month on gasoline for your vehicle you’d select the category”automotive” and also the sub-category”fuel”. Under the amount section enter $100. For period you would want to set it . Now you just have to enter the start and end date.

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