A couple celebrating.

How to Get Out of the Friend Zone – What’s Going Through Her Mind?

A couple celebrating.

So have this great friend, you’ve known each other for a while now and also you pretty much know each other inside out. She’s an amazing woman. You will have similar interests, you love the same music, you like most of the very same people. No one has to tell you how great she is, you already know. Yet that’s just the problem. Because you lately you’ve been thinking of her just a little too often, thinking about what she might be carrying out, what she might be wearing… fantasizing she may be at your home in her delicates waiting for you to come over… ah yet I digress.

You suddenly realise your predicament. An individual stuck in the comment sortir de la friendzone when you want to be so much more. You happen to be starting to feel like you can’t do this any longer. But you’re not positive what to do. How do you get out of the friend zone?

If you say it how you feel will you risk losing her? Maybe pretending just like nothing’s changed is the best way to go. Hey the friend sector is not so terrible. You can hang out and not notice the approach she looks when she flicks back her curly hair… ah OK so that’s not going to work. So what can you do? How do you escape the friend zone with your self-respect intact?

Well a lot of guys ask me this query so I thought I’d write a bit a bit about the close friend zone from the female perspective. I’ll give a few cases and what may run through her mind in each.

Most likely hanging out one day, it’s nice and relaxed, your at home merely hanging out really, and you figure this is the perfect time to tell her so you say “(insert her name) we really need to discuss. I can’t stop thinking about you. I think I’m in love with you”

Her: Um ok, sheesh, I hadn’t really noticed this coming. I’m a little bit in shock. Do you mind easily think about this for a few days?

You: “Ok um sure”

Her pondering: What do I do? I really like (insert your name) but your dog is come to mean a lot to me as a friend and what when that all changes? And, oh my god, he is aware me so well, hell he sees me in my tracksuit for goodness sake. That’s so unsexy. And that day time he came over when I was sick and I failed to even put on any make up because he’s just a companion after all.

And all that stuff he knows about me! The almighty I’m such a dork around him sometimes, how can he or she be attracted to that, he must be crazy! And all the particular stuff I know about him… hell there’s no mystery there! In fact there would be no mystery between us at all.

I’d sense so silly dressing up and being sexy around the dog.

But I like dressing up and feeling sexy. I like sense mysterious. And how could we be romantic without puzzle? No, the guys I’ve been with have always been an unknown quantity and also a little out of reach. Maybe that’s what attracted me in their eyes? I wanted to know more. Of course they didn’t all turn out that will great but that’s beside the point. I know everything about (insert your name) He’s like a brother to me.

Now I’m furious at him for making things change. I don’t like alter. Now how do I act around him? Hmm, maybe exciting if we don’t hang out so much for a while till things go back to normal.

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