Gadgets for Teachers: Bring Back Your Classroom to Life!

Thinking of new technologies for education, you probably think of new modern gadgets that students usually have to contact their friends, teachers, and be up to date. Of course, being up to date for students is very important. Actually, it is enough to have a good smartphone with a list of useful apps. They can help you to make scientific search, find a free museum for today, and even let you know that car rental from JFK in the best decision for the next weekend when you are going to visit New York with friends. New gadgets will help you to book a room in a new city, find the most attractive proposals for shopping, and find something important in your bag.

Speaking about study process, it is important to pay attention to teachers, not only students. Are there special gadgets that can help every teacher to vary teaching methods and make life easier?

Wacom Inkling - Unboxing v7


  1. Wireless Presenter

Do you remember that time when your teachers were trying to make a presentation on the blackboard? Forget about it! There is a new modern app that is small in size and easy to use. The teacher can feel free to move around the classroom and make a presentation. A small wireless presenter works like a controller. You can start your presentation, slow or stop it when you need to explain something. You don’t need to download special apps. Just push CONNECT on the USB receiver and you can control your presentation from your presenter wirelessly. The price on Amazon is up to $80-130.

  1. Inkling from Wacom

Writing or making notes is very important part of teacher’s life. Do you still use a pen and a piece of paper? You shouldn’t! Inkling is a special digital instrument for writing from Wacom. Of course, you may try to find a digital pen from different producers, but this one is definitely worth your attention. The pen is able to write something on a paper and transport it on your laptop. It is good for writing and noting, for drawing and sketching. This must be a real helper in your teaching. What about the price? Buy it on Amazon for about $90.

  1. iPad Air

Dear teachers, if your students use iPads and you don’t, try to solve this problem! The newest technologies are in your full disposal. Pay attention to the best of the best from Apple, iPad Air! This gadget will impress you with its LCD screen, amazingly thin corpus, fast work, and unlimited opportunities. You deserve it! The prices can be different from different internet sources. It starts from $600.

Apple iPad Air 2


  1. Acer Pico C120

A big interactive whiteboard is what every teacher needs. But if you still don’t have it in your classroom, you can try cheaper variant – Acer portative projector. This small apparatus is small enough to keep it in your pocket. The gadget is organized with USB to connect with your laptop and produce your presentation in Powerpoint. Of course, you cannot present HD, but this is the best projector for its price and it is enough to make your lesson more informative. You can pay for it about $150-190.

  1. PowerStick

Teaching is not an easy job to do. You have to run from the classroom to classroom and be here and there and everywhere. Whatever gadgets you have, it is important to have them all completely charged. This power stick is able to charge your smartphone, laptop, and other devices to take them back to their full working ability. You should connect your power stick to your laptop and charge it to the full. The stick is ready to charge your devices now! You can buy it for $60 only!

iPhone 5c with pink charger


  1. High-Speed Printer

It often happens that you need to make bright sticks for your students, put markers on the blackboard or just have pictures to show. It is a usual situation for junior school teachers. It would be great to have such a helpful device as a high-speed printer. It is not big and heavy! The printer can be easily connected with your smartphone or laptop through WiFi and produce a clear and bright copy. The price of it is about $90. 7. Smart Watch

People from all over the world use smart watches. Why don’t you use it also? Of course, the bright and heavy watch on your hand is not the best variant for a teacher. You need something stylish and solid like Moto 360. This is the second best smart watch after the world popular watch from Apple. But it is much cheaper! The watch works on Android, equipped with LCD screen, light sensors, and other options. How much is it? It’s about $200.



Technology is a special force that makes your teaching or studying process more interesting and informative. It opens more doors and gives more opportunities. The schools are changing, filling in their classrooms with high-speed printers, interactive whiteboards, and other digital advances! The newest tools and developments are available now! Enjoy using them all!

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